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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Silver Cord Villian

Here is another piece I worked on today for The silver Cord. This guy is named Ibog, he is the boss if you will, of the Dregs in the story. Ibog is one of the top villains in the story, and in front of him is our star, Tasi in her astral projection form. If you haven't checked out the first issue yet, you can read it for free on the site. I was asked to do a new treatment on the Ibog character and change him up a bit from the original version. Below is my take on the character followed by the original concept by ILM VFX art director Alex Jaeger, and a page I colored with the Dregs pursuing Tasi. Pencils by Steve Masseroni. Thanks for stopping by:) Tasi_Faces_Ibog_RRiv_001 Ibog ref_Alex Jaeger

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