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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year 2015

I hope everybody is enjoying their New Year's Eve celebration and being safe as well.  I wanted to share what are my very last doodles of 2014, since I have not had an update in a few weeks.  I have been busy, but nothing that I can actually share at this point.  Soon very Soon :) Looking back through my hard drive, I find it hard to believe how much art I produced this year.  Not only what I share online , but also all of my sketchbooks as well as client work that I am unable to share at times. I hope to double that productivity for 2015.  Below are some sketches I did in a program called Mischief today.  I find the brushes to be very responsive, but what attracted me the most is the program has an infinite canvas and infinite zoom in and out feature.  To understand that better and learn about the other features , you can check out the company's website here.   This first pic is a screen grab of my entire canvas so far.

Now here are some pics when I zoom in to the sketch, as you can see you are able to zoom in infinitely, you can literally draw a character inside the eyeball of another character, it's pretty wild. I think I will keep adding on to this canvas throughout the year for fun.  Thanks for stopping by, enjoy, and here is to a healthy and prosperous 2015.

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