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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pin Up Art

This one took me a good part of the year to complete, on and off between client work.  At one point I almost gave up on it all together.  Glad I kept messing with it though.  I don't usually work things to this level of realism, but I felt this piece looked better this way than my usual loose painterly look.  I used Painter 2015 and Photoshop cs6, With Artist Mike Thompson's Corel painter Workspace and brushes. Thanks for checking it out, Enjoy !!!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Wicked Kulture

Here is a sneak peek for some initial designs I am working on for Wicked Kulture's Bone Headz line.  These designs are not being used, but they were initial designs I sent to the client, We are working on a bunch of stuff together that will be even more awesome.  You can check out Ricky Carralero 's Wicked Kulture site Here.  And follow them on F.B. Here.  Stay tuned for more from me and my collaboration with this awesome company :)  Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy !!!!

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