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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014, R.I.P. DAD

2013 , was for me, a very trying year, with many ups and downs, but it was also a very productive year for me art wise. I was surprised to glance back at all of the art (both client work and personal) that I had done this year. I also managed to fill up pages and pages of sketches which is common practice for me, but still I did not realize I managed that much content, and that's not counting all of the tattoos I have done this year as well. Hopefully I can keep the motivation up throughout 2014 and continue to grow in the process. Here are a few screen captures of characters and environments that were started towards the end of this year, that I will be finishing up early in 2014. I hope you all like them so far :) works in progress_12_24_13 Creature_Design_Sketch10_28_13_002 Creature_Design_Sketch10_28_13_003 WIP_11_26_13 ...and on a more somber note, the Year 2013 also ended in a bittersweet way, with the Passing of my Father, Rafael Rivera Sr. who passed away right on Christmas morning this year. He was a major influence in both my loves (Boxing,and Art). He was a huge fight fan ( which made me want to fight), and he used to work at his family's printing business, so I pretty much got tons of free paper to scribble on, not to mention all of the toys, comic books and magazines he got for me, definitely fuelled the passion for drawing at an early age. I'm gonna miss my weekly conversations with him about the fights, but I know his suffering is over and I will reunite with him eventually. Below are some pics of him and my family, who appreciate all he has done for us and miss him tremendously. Rest In Peace DAD. From left to right: My Dad, Me, and my son Miguel in Sarasota, Fl. me dad and miguel Me and my dad in North Hampton Mass about 20 years ago: Me and dad at Look park Me and Dad in Sarasota celebrating one of my birthdays: 28358_1407982876173_8258325_n My dad and Daughter Ariel when she was a little one (North Hampton Mass) Dad and Ariel002 My dad and Ariel again: Dad and Ariel001 Two of the Great Grandbabies I wish he had more time to get to know, My daughter Mellisa's boyz, Jon-Jon and Jo-Jo :) Jo Jo and Jon Jon collage Me giving my Grandson Jon-Jon some art lessons on his new easle :) me and Jon Jon DA KIDZ :) Melissa and Miguel :) Miguel and Melissa From left to Right, My wife Vicky and her little girl, Melissa : Vicky and Melissa And the latest member of the family, Rocky Da Pit. He is about 3 1/2 weeks old here, I got him for my wife as an anniversary present back in November. We also have 2 Main Coon cats that won't be in this post Rocky Close up And last but not least, here's is me followed by wife, holding Rocky :) me and Rocky Vicky and Rocky well I hope you enjoyed this short post and semi tribute to my Dad. I Pray for a Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2014 for all of you out there. Thanks for stopping by, GOD Bless, and as always, Enjoy!!!!! Don't forget to Be Awesome Daily :)

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