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Friday, August 3, 2012

Nicolas Ferrand Art Study

Here's a piece I did last night for practice using some custom brushes made by the talented crew of SteamBot Studios. You can pick up the brush sets at There is an elemental set and a structural set, or you can by both as a bundle. The illustration was a copy/ study of a piece artist Nicolas Ferrand A.K.A. Viag did for the Exodyssey concept art book. You can pick the book up on the site also or head over to the Design Studio Press site and purchase it there as well. I learned a lot studying this piece and using the brush sets. These guys know how to work fast and efficiently. Some of the games Viag has worked on include: Splinter cell pandora tomorrow, Ghost recon 2, Splinter cell chaos theory, Prince of persia 3, Splinter Cell double agent, Assassins creed, Far cry 2, Avatar (game from the movie), and Assassins 2. If your not familiar with his work, head over to his blog, you won't be disappointed The-Valley-Of-the-Shadow-of-Death_001

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