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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oriax Reloaded

This is revisit of a character from The Silver Cord graphic novel I worked on named Oriax. If you have not read the novel you can read it on line for free and download a PDF version as well on the website The guys over at Disruptive Media showed interest in making a line of Silver Cord Dynamic Themes for Playstation 3 users. Co-Creator Steve Masseroni asked if I would do a color treatment of Oriax for the themes and give him some golden skin. There is a bunch of cool things possibly in the works for The Silver Cord, I'll keep you all posted as it happens, for now here is my redo of Oriax followed by the quick color comp I sent to Steve for approval and The original concept art by Steve Masseroni. Oriax_Redo_Rivera0002 Oriax_Redo_Rivera0001 Oriax

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