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Thursday, July 5, 2012


So here is some more thumbnails done for Anthony Jones's Creature design course. I did a quick study of a rhino with some studies of the skeleton structure. I got some great advice from creature designer Carlos Huante after he reviewed some of my work, that involves me doing alot more of these type of exercises to ground my designs more. Carlos is one of my favorite creature designers, and the advice he gave was invaluable, Thanks Man:) The next couple of thumbnails were inspired by the Scribbler Too sketches I posted earlier on this blog. Keeping Anthony Jones's techniques in mind and letting the abstract shapes dictate the direction I go in with the creatures. I will most likely select a few of these and make finished pieces out of them in the near future. animal-bone-structure001 ScribblerToo_creature_thumbs001 Next is a few cartoony thumbnails and a zombie pinocchio done for two different clients. These designs are not being used , so I might as well share them here. Enjoy!!! DARAFs_Rabbid_Rabbits Zombie_Pinocchio_Raf_Rivera

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