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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alex In Wonderland?

Here is an illustration I did using an abstract ink blot thumbnail as a jump off point. The ink blots just looked like mushrooms to me, so I thought why not do a cool version of Absalom with a gas mask hookah and a Steam punk garbed character that's obviously a long way from home. Alex_in_Wonderland_001 And while we are on the subject of Alice In Wonderland... I finally finished the Johnny Depp/ Tim Burton caricature I was working on. I can't even count how many projects these two have done together. I love their collaborations. I wonder if Tim gets jealous when Gore Verbinski uses Depp in his films:) Johnny_and_Tim001 Next up is a W.I.P. of another assignment for Anthony Jones's creature course. Followed by some random doodles. enjoy:) Thumbnail-refinement001 2012_sketchbook_013

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