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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bot Fly

Here is another creepy creature design using a nasty little guy known as a bot fly as a reference. Their larvae are internal parasites of mammals, some species growing in the host's flesh and others within the gut. The human bot fly, Dermatobia hominis, is the only species of bot fly known to parasitize humans routinely, though other species of fly do cause myiasis in humans. Sounds delicious doesn't it? As if this species really needed help to be more disturbing, what was I thinking. I also drew inspiration from the creature designs in movies like John Carpenter's The Thing, Silent Hill, and popular game franchise Dead Space. Below is the original sketch, followed by my painting and a reference pic of the actual real life critter. I'm glad my version is just fantasy. Thanks for stopping by, don't let the bed bugs bite. LOL Creature_Design_Sketch10_28_13_004 Creature_Design_Color10_28_13_004 botfly

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