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Monday, October 28, 2013

Creature Creation

Here is a painting I did recently exploring the techniques of creature designer Carlos Huante. Carlos is a super talented designer whose work inspires me tremendously. He has been very cool to me as well, always offering great art advice or just taking the time to chat from time to time. He has worked on a variety of film and game projects throughout the years, If your not familiar with his work, you can check out his website Here. His books are available on The Design Studio Press site. And the DvD tutorials that I referenced for this exercise can be found on the Gnomon Workshop site available as a digital download, hard copy, or as part of a yearly subscription Here. He also has a fantastic self published art book called Blind Spot that can be purchased by following the links on his site. I have all his stuff and I highly recommend all of it. I look forward to any future work he has in the pipeline. So here it is, i'll post more of these as I finish them. The sketch was done with Col-erase prismacolor pencil and the painting in Corel painter X3 and Photoshop cs6. Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy!!! Creature_Design_Color10_28_13_001 Creature_Design_Sketch10_28_13_001

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