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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rodney Dollah's Little BOOK of MONSTERS Volume 1

Some exciting news: A few of my pieces have been published in Rodney Dollah's Little Book of Monsters Volume 1, Available now. Click Here for details. It's an honor to be among so much great talent. A special shout out and thanks to Rodney Dollah, The uber talented Brian Haberlin, and an old friend from my Kitchen Sink Press days, James O' Barr (creator of The Crow), for giving me the opportunity to showcase my art in such a cool forum. Make sure you use coupon code LIKE US! at checkout for 10% off your entire order. Here's a Link to the artist page for a list of all the talent involved. I believe this may turn into an annual event, in fact the submissions for book 2, have a deadline of October 18th 2013, so head on over to the facebook page for details, if you are interested. So now that that shameless plug is over (LOL), I'll do what I do best and share some work. I call this one Baboon Heart. He truly fought me to be created. The file got corrupted on me, so I had to paint over a really bad low res version that I saved that had the words WIP written acrossed it. Then right when I finally got done and signed it, I signed it across the wrong layer, yup, the one with all the details. So I had to start that all over again, anyway, I hope it was worth it and you guys like the end result. Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy!!! and go enjoy some Monsters. Keep the lights ON !!!!


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