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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Art Poster

So I got my promo copy of Rodney Dollah's little book of Monsters in the mail yesterday. This was a fun project to be part of, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do for vol. 2 next year. We got a shout out on Parka blogs, which is one of my favorite blogs to visit from time to time to read up on all the new art related books that are out. You can see the review on Parka Blogs here. And read a blog post I did about the book here. Make sure you follow the link to order your copy, so you can enjoy some Monster goodness in time for this Halloween:) While you're at it don't forget to stop by and order my art book, Jab Jab Whammo!!! using the preview link below
I been super busy lately, but will be sharing some artwork real soon, for now here is a page from Rodney Dollah's Little Book Of Monsters and a promo poster of my art both new and old for you to enjoy!!! Thanks for stopping by 2013-10-21 17.19.30 DARAF_Promo_Poster

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