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Friday, August 13, 2010

Vampires, Angels, and motorcycle road rage

This first drawing features one of the vampire queens from the story I am working on written by my good friend Scott Madden.  The scary guy in the background is a character we call the master of souls.
First the thumbnail:

And the tighter pencils:

And here is a design I did for a friend.  He's going to be taking my painting and airbrushing it on his tank.  I'll be sure and post the process after he finishes it along with my finished painting.  Basically he's sending a message to all the people that run him off the road on a daily basis, because they are busy talking on their cell phones instead of keeping an eye on the road. 


Next is a tattoo I did today of a piece that is available on my online store as a print.  I call it Raziel , the Angel of Mystery.  My wife Vicky is the model for the warrior angel.  In the original painting I put the name of GOD on her forehead in angelic script and my name is on the sword, but I left all of that out of the tattoo.
below is the original piece, followed a few tattoo pics:






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