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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Will

More caricature practice.  This time I decided to do a colored piece taken to more of a finished level, of a celebrity.  So my subject was Will Smith.  I didn't quite get the smirk he's known for, but I was happy with the outcome overall.  At fist while sketching I knew I wanted to exaggerate his ears, but the sketch versions ear was too pointed and elf like.  This was fine as I knew I would reshape it as I painted it.  It was tricky for me to keep him from looking too much like President Obama with the ears.  It's amazing how far he has come in his career from Rap artist, to The french Prince television show, to the big blockbuster actor he is today.  He has truly had a blessed career, and makes a helluva subject for caricature as well.  My favorite Will Smith movies are the Men In Black flicks. 




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