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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Motorcycle Gas tank Design

This is a design I have been working on for my friend and fellow tattoo artist Ricky Ranson.  He wanted to send a statement to all the people who run him off the road on the way to work, because they are too busy talking on their cell phones when they should be watching the road.  Ricky commissioned me to do the illustration, so he can air brush the image on his tank.  I'll be sure and post pictures of the tank when it's done, for now here are some process shots explaining some of my process.
First the initial sketch based on the clients description:

Once the sketch is approved, I scan the sketch in and start laying down some base color,

From there I will start to overlay color, still not sure what direction I want to go in, so I just work quick, loose, and sloppy in the beginning.

Now I'm starting to warm up and get an idea for the direction the piece is going to take and how I want your eye to move around the piece.

Starting to refine the colors and details now.  From here on the rest is just about cleaning it up and adding details.

And the final render, I hope you dig it


Mariusz Kornatka said...

Hi! Nice updates man!
Thanks for sheering with the step by step proces of making illustration

All the best,

DARAF said...

Thanks Mariusz,
I hope it helps

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me if Ricky still does tattoos? I can't find him.

DARAF said...

If you stop by the tattoo shop this weekend , I can give you his info, or you can try to reach him on facebook, look up his name.

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