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Monday, February 17, 2014

Z-brush Idea Generating

I been having fun generating a bunch of silhouettes in z-brush using the techniques of the talented Cesar Dacol Jr. of Phoenix Atelier. I purchased a stream of the workshop from The Stan Winston school website, you can check it out here. This technique involves generating a bunch of silhouettes very quickly and altering each slightly using z-brush's layers. You end up getting a bunch of variations of your design pretty much for free. Lots of "happy accidents" occur this way. Here is an example of a page of thumbnails that I put together very quickly using this process. Male_female_alien_Thumbs You kind of just free your mind from worrying about anatomy or anything technical while you put together shapes by pushing and pulling the digital clay around. I could have then decided to sculpt one of the thumbnails, but in this case, I just carried them over into photoshop for refining and painting. Below is an example of what I did with one of the many shapes I came up with. thanks for stopping by, enjoy!!!! Bio_eng_11_5_13

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