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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Studying The Photos

Here are a couple of Studies done from Photo Reference for an assignment from Noah Bradley's Art Camp. The first pic is a series of Thumbnail compositions of Environments from various pics off the internet. I added a few imaginative elements in and changed color and composition as I see fit. Enviro-Thumbs_Artcampractice_001 Next is a portrait of an old man, I figured I would mix up the studies subject matter and use subjects that benefit me. This guy for instance can lend himself to some great Horror art:) where the enviro thumbnails can also be used for sci-fi background etc. The wrinkles were a great practice for me. Photo-Studies_6_25_13_01 And lastly, a study of a bird from a pic I took at the Zoo. This one was good to study and utilize for possible creature design. Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy!!! Photo-Studies_6_25_13_02

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