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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Twilight Saga

A few caricatures I finished today of the three main characters from the Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart (Bella), Robert Pattinson (Edward) , and Taylor Lautner (Jacob). I wanted to keep this one nice and loose and painterly. I think I got the look I was after. Done in Corel painter 12 and Photoshop. Below is the painting followed by some process shots. If you want to see some more of this kind of work and other stuff I do, pick up a copy of my book, jab, jab, Whammo!!! the Art of Rafael Rivera. Thanks for stopping by Twilight_001_final twilight-cast_wip twilight-cast_color_pass_wip Twilight_color-details001 Twilight_color-details002

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