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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sketchy Ladies, Scribbler Too, and The Silver Cord

I was excited to recieve my copy of a book I worked on a few years ago titled "The Silver Cord" You can read an online version of the book and find out how to order a printed copy at There is also a link to a kickstarter page where you can help get the rest of the project out there, so head over to the site and learn all about it. Below is a two page spread that I painted for the book. Pencils by my friend and artist Steve Masseroni. Next are a few figure drawing studies I did to stay loose at work this past Saturday 2012_sketchbook_008 2012_sketchbook_009 2012_sketchbook_010 2012_sketchbook_011 2012_sketchbook_012 These next couple of thumbnails were done in an online sketching program called Scribbler Too. Look it up, it's pretty addicting. I just spend a few seconds on each of these to try it out, I intend on messing around with it more. Sketchertoo_experiment001 Sketchertoo_experiment002 Sketchertoo_experiment003 Sketchertoo_experiment004 Sketchertoo_experiment005 Sketchertoo_experiment006 Sketchertoo_experiment007

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