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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marlon Brando, THE GODFATHER

I decided to re-do this caricature from 2009 of Actor Marlon Brando as The Don, Vito Corleone from Mario Puzo's The Godfather saga. Every once in awhile I like to revisit my older pieces to see how much I have improved and also slowly weed out the old pieces from my website. below is the new improved caricature followed by a side by side comparison of the older painting and the photo reference. You can find another side by side comparison of a Clint Eastwood caricature on an earlier post here. Thanks for stopping by, Hope you enjoy it!!!! Don-Vito-Corleone002 Don-Vito-Corleone_Comparison Marlon-Brando-in-The-Godf-001

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