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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Noah Bradley's Summer Art Boot Camp

So I have been super busy with stuff I can't share just yet, but one thing I can share is some of the assignments I been doing for Noah Bradley's 12 week art boot camp. I signed up to give my foundational skills a boost,and as always, I want to take my art to another level. Each week for 12 weeks, we watch a 2 hour demo, then do assignments based on the lesson. Simple enough, but it's real assignment heavy, hence the name boot camp. Below are a few of the assignment that I have done so far for the last three lessons. We did some thumbnail studies of Master Painters followed by some fully painted master studies, some still life studies and some studies from imagination. If Noah ever does this again, I highly recommend you give it a try. I'm having a blast, learning a ton, and all the students involved are very supportive of one another. This first one is a master study of one of my favorite master artist Sir Lawrence Alma TademaSir-Lawrence-Alma-Tedema_Master-study_wip_02 Then a study from artist William Bouguereau with the source material next to it Master Study WIP 5_21_13 Then some small color and greyscale tonal studies from various artist Color-comp_thumbs001 Greyscale-comp_thumbs001 next are some mech designs done from imagination using some of the techniques I learned from Ben Mauro's workshop at CDW. Mechs_wip_5_22_13 and lastly a still life I did of some personal items at home. Here I wanted to do a still life that was personal to me and not just your average fruit and flower still life, while still rendering items that I felt I could learn from. The Red material represents my faith in Christ as a foundation, the gloves, my love for boxing and combat sports, the gun, my love for shooting weapons at the range, and the olive oil, my love of cooking. Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy!!! I'll post more assignments as the weeks progress:) Still-Life001

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