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Monday, October 27, 2008

Santa's Hidden city

This is a concept I developed about a secret portal that Santa would have to pass through to get in and out of his hidden city somewhere in the North Pole. The idea here is that although Santa lives in the North Pole, his city is not visible with the naked eye, or so easy to get to without a special map and instructions. I may revisit this concept to show the hidden city and maybe the elf factory where they make the toys. This piece focuses on the trail leading in and out of the city and the portal, which is a huge highly advanced structure that is in the shape of a Christmas tree. I though it would be neat to have a bunch of huge toy statues on either side of the trail, sort of like a Christmas version of ancient Egyptian pyramids and statues. I also posted a few close ups of the huge toy statues and a Nativity scene made up of Lego people.




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