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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Space Viking

The Space Viking is a character inspired by the miniature figures used to play Warhammer. This guy may have been Quantum travelling through time and space and collecting weopons and skulls along the way. The 2 shrunken heads on his belt are souvenir he picked up on some alien planet, but I am not sure where or when he stumbled on them. I don't play the Warhammer games, but I do get ideas from the figures. I have a few older issues of White Dwarf magazine that I use for reference, if anyone is interested. Most comic book shops carry them. I also had friends of mine paint a few of the figures for me to add to my toy collection ( thousands of toys decorate the shelves in my art studio). An artist can learn alot from studying the ways the toys are modelled. Sketching the figures from different angles is great for practice in foreshortening and shape construction. I tried inking this one in a slightly different style than I normally use. This style uses sharper angles and thicker line weights.




Mystery of Albesila said...

I very like the cartoon style of this character :)

DARAF said...

Hey buddy. How are things in Poland. I hope all is well. thanks for stoppin' by.

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