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Friday, December 21, 2007

We are having a baby

I just found out recently that my wife and I are having a baby (Yaaay). After 10 years of marriage , I really didn't expect it to ever happen. Vicky (wife), has 2 children, and I have 1 daughter from a previous relationship. This will be our first child together. The family is all very excited about this new addition. Best Christmas present I ever had. It seems like just yesterday, my step-children were little babies themselves. they are both grown and about to graduate high school soon. Now my wife will have some company to help her with any empty nest syndrome she may have experienced when her children go off to school.
I am also working on a graphic novel with my good friends Todd Livingston (MTV's Wild n' Out) and Scott Madden ( Producer - The Contender) . I will tell you more about that and the baby as it all develops. Here are some more cartoon faces I did for practice today. As always I enjoy trying out new techniques. If it isn't fun, I can't get into it.




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