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Friday, October 26, 2012

Art Book Preview copy

So I received a preview copy of my book. The Official title is going to be jab, jab, Whammo!!! The Art Of Rafael Rivera, A.K.A. DARAF. catchy isn't it:) I wanted to review the printing quality and so on, so I can adjust the art work if need be. I was very pleased with the look of the book so far. I am working on a cover, some interior text, and about 20 more pages of new art and sketches, it's a lot of work to do solo, but it's worth it and I am having a ball. Below is a pic of the back cover and one of the interior pages. Sorry for the crappy focus job. I'm no Thanks to my good friend, artist Steve Masseroni for a really nice intro write up for the book, and thanks to writer Kevin Kelly, and artist, Mark Bode, Gus Dizon, Dave Woodman, Bobby Chiu, and Writer Todd Livingston for lending the kind words for the back cover. I am super excited, I think I'll go draw now. jab_jab_back_cover-preview jab_jab_preview page


Mariusz Kornatka said...

Nice! I wanna to the same in near future with my art, thanks for inspiration and motivation :D

DARAF said...

Your welcome bro, go for it:-)

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