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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I enrolled in a digital painting course at with instructor Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studios (concept artist on Tim Burton's alice In wonderland). Bobby is a very good instructor, and when I am done with this course I plan to enroll in some of the other courses that are available. Here is my first assignment which consisted of painting over Bobby"s pencil drawing using his techniques.


I then used the same technique to grey scale one of my own cartoons. I'm not done with the black and grey yet, but when I am I will colorize it with the techniques from next weeks assignment. I am trying to discipline myself to use Bobby's technique and none of the techniques that I have picked up throughout the years.


Lastly, here is a more realistic caricature done in photoshop and Painter of a younger Elvis Presley.


I won't be posting all the assignments as I don't want to ruin the course for anyone, but I highly recommend the classes to anyone interested in Bobby's workflow.

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